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A new startup called Klatt Works is aiming to simplify head-mounted, wearable maintenance technologies for MROs by removing complicated steps and barriers to entry.

While there are a number of headset-based tools on the market built to provide technicians with access to work instructions, guidance and documents, Klatt Works is focused on removing more complicated bells and whistles, such as augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and instead providing a basis for customers to quickly and easily create their own instructional content from existing documents.

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Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display
Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display
When airline pilots cannot see their instruments due to an aircraft fire, SAVED provides a see-through display inside of the pilot oxygen mask showing camera video with HUD symbology. SAVED is an example of unequaled innovation in augmented reality and will ultimately increase safety of flight across the the aviation industry.

Our head-worn solution revolutionizes the way complex maintenance and technical operations are completed. We help you increase the efficiency of your most critical tasks while sharing information, tracking your team’s progress, and collecting important data points … all in one system.

Klatt Works was founded in May 2018 and is focused on electro-optical and mechanical systems. Our sweet spot is to rapidly design, prototype, and manufacture products that operate on and around people. We have extensive experience with devices with sophisticated sensors, displays, automation, robotics, ruggedization, and product certification.

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