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MX Accelerator is  head-worn solution that revolutionizes the way complex maintenance and technician operations are completed. We help you increase the efficiency of your most critical tasks while hearing information, tracking your team’s progress, and collecting important data points … all in one system.

We use a highly versatile, ruggedized headset utilizing a voice-controlled interface. Our software suite allowing access to work-flows, document navigation and knowledge transfer, all 100% hands-free

Key Features

Hands free operation

Hands-free display of maintenance documents, technical orders and check list

Leveraging existing documents

Transform organic documents into interactive workflows, checklists, and fillable forms quickly and easily, enhancing the digital experience. Supports augmenting steps with usable content photos, sketches, and schematics

Easily record existing procedures

Simplify content creation for workflows and fillable forms, with job site data. The inputs form the base for maintenance logs and reports.

Easily document completed task

Updated content, photos, video, and notes created at the job site are viewable at operations centers and saved in an easy-to-manage data portfolio.

remote assistance

Simplify content creation for workflows and fillable forms, with job site data inputs that form the base for your maintenance logs and final reports.

How It Works?


Interact with technical procedures, maintenance manuals & checklists leveraging existing documentation.​


Delegate tasks directly to field workers, track progress, and task completion.


Generate automated inspection reports, with photographic records, for improved task reliability and traceability.​

Customizable machine-to-machine transfer records of maintenance to existing customer systems of record

Industries We Support

MX Accelerator can be used in variety of industries including Aerospace, Defense, Space, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Construction

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