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About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business. 

Our story

Klatt Works, Inc. was formed in 2018 by Nathan Klatt to leverage his extensive expertise in head-worn computers, augmented reality, aircraft operations and systems maintenance to develop real world products of technical, economic and social importance.

Nate has had distinguished careers in the USAF and in Commercial Business.    His USAF service took him to many international theaters of operation to work with high technology RPVs and exotic communications equipment and software systems.  His commercial experience has been with the development head-worn computers and technology.  He has been responsible for the development, deployment, and operation of advanced systems for Air and Space.  He is also a “People Person” and has considerable experience assembling and managing strong technical and management teams.

Klatt Works started with a small team and worked for 2 years prior to incorporation to acquire the underlying technology and know-how to successfully develop the SAVED (Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display) system, the world’s only fully integrated augmented reality display inside an oxygen mask allowing the pilot to navigate and aviate in a smoke – filled cockpit emergency.

Klatt Works has qualified the SAVED System, and now has production contracts and is manufacturing the SAVED system.  Klatt Works is also developing technical extensions to bring this technology to smaller and single-pilot aircraft.

In parallel, Klatt Works has developed the MX Accelerator System.  MX Accelerator is a head-worn display system that provides a unique approach to creating and interfacing with documents such as workflows and checklists for hands-free maintenance applications.  Klatt Works now has initial customers for MX Accelerator and is manufacturing and selling the system worldwide.

Nate also founded a sister company, OrbitOn, Inc. to develop robotics, AI, ML, and other related technologies. Within OrbitOn, a new business unit, AT Works, has been working to apply OrbitOn robotic technology to the severe problem of enabling people with Tetraplegia to use only eye and voice commands, via a head-worn display, to enable a robotic arm mounted on an electric wheelchair to semi-autonomously perform a number of everyday tasks thus enabling the users to live more productive, independent lives.  We consider this our most rewarding and socially and economically important program.

Our People

nate3_headshot (1)

Nathan Klatt

Founder & CEO

Robert Radkey


Marc Gottschalk

General Counsel
Kevin Ferguson Manufacturing & Optical Manager

Kevin Ferguson

Manufacturing & Optical Manager

Mike Huynh

Chief Engineer