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American Airlines jet has made an emergency landing after it "filled with smoke" while in midair

AIRLINE | American Airlines

FLIGHT # | AA2587


DATE | 05-08-2018

American Airlines jet makes emergency landing in Chicago after ‘cockpit fills with smoke’ in midair

Travellers on flight AA2587 claimed to see ‘white mist’ seeping from the cockpit shortly after taking off from Chicago.

According to a passenger, the smoke was coming from the plane’s cockpit.

Travellers on flight AA 2587 reported seeing white mist shortly after taking off from Chicago O’Hare airport.

Bruce Clark tweeted: “Texts from my dad enroute to Tokyo on @AmericanAir via ORD to Dallas — “smoke in cockpit, making emergency landing.”

A spokesperson for the company responded on Twitter: “We’re returning safely back to ORD, and we plan on changing out the plane. Safety is a top priority and we’ll have your dad on his way soon.”

One man whose partner was on the jet told of his relief after the plane made a U-turn and landed safely.

He tweeted: “I’m thankful for the great pilots at @AmericanAir. My fiancee’s flight just made an emergency landing back at (Chicago).”

American Airlines said in a statement that flight 2587 from Chicago to Dallas Forth Worth returned to Chicago after the crew reported a “possible odor in the cabin.”

“The aircraft, an Airbus 321 with 175 passengers and a crew of six, landed safely and taxied to the gate,” the statement read. “The aircraft will be evaluated by our maintenance team, and we apologise to our customers for the inconvenience.”